This page will provide you with the answers to many questions you may have regarding our dance school, however if at any time you require any more information about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

My team and I are passionate about providing a safe, positive and happy learning environment and aspire to build self esteem and confidence in each student. I am sure your child will have a great year of dance!

All correspondence will be done via email, so it is extremely important that your details are up to date. Please notify me if your details change.

Newsletters will be emailed out during the 1st week of the new term, however there will also be hard copies of newsletters, information booklet, enrolment form, uniform order form in the dance studio if you need one.

To make an enquiry please call 0417 327 694.

Our online enrolment form is available using this link

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Studio One Dance Academy Information

  • Students enrol for a whole year of dancing and will be invoiced per the school term.
  • Fees will be invoiced, via email, in the 2nd last week of the previous term and are due by the first week of term.
  • New students receive their first class for free, and will then be invoiced the following week, for the remaining term.
  • If you require special payment arrangements please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Cancellation: in the event that we need to cancel a class, you will be notified by text or email.
  • We do not do any make up classes and there are no refunds for missed classes.
  • There are no classes held on public holidays, as outlined in the term dates.
  • Heat Policy: If the studio reaches 40 degrees, class will be cancelled & you will be notified by text or email.
  • All classes are priced at $18.30 per hour, or part thereof and all fees include GST & are non refundable.
  • All family accounts will attract a one off fee of $30.00 per year for APRA licensing, insurance & administration.
  • A 15% discount off your term account will apply to those families that enrol in any three classes.
  • In the event that your child wishes to un-enrol during the year, notification must be made in writing.
  • All costume deposits previously made are non-refundable, and if your child un-enrols after 1st May, you may be liable to pay the balance of their costumes.
  • I purchase all costume samples in Term 1 & then my final order is done in May, as they come from overseas.

Please make sure your child wears the proper attire to dancing, has her hair tied back and brings a drink to class. Also please make sure your child goes to the toilet before class.

  • Our uniform consists of the Studio One t-shirt or singlet & black ¾ leggings. This is compulsory for all classes, unless your child still chooses to wear a leotard. In the cooler weather, crossovers or hoodies are permissible for all ages.
  • Studio One t-shirts and singlet's and hoodies are available to order by filling out an order form & handing it to your child’s teacher.
  • Samples are available to try on.
  • All children should have proper ballet/jazz and tap shoes for dancing, by Term 2.
  • We do have a second hand shoe box located in the dance studio for those of you wishing to sell or purchase shoes. When bringing your child's shoes into sell please make sure you clearly mark them with name & price & fill out the log book.


    Black Jazz/runners
    Black Jazz & Tan Tap
  • JAZZ & TAP: (BOYS)
    Black jazz & Black tap
    Pink Ballet shoes
    Bare feet
    Pink Ballet & Tan Tap
    Lyrical footsies
    Pink ballet
  • Our concerts are the culmination of the year’s work, giving students the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt, therefore all students are expected to participate.
  • Our performances will be held in the 1st week of December. Dates to be confirmed.
  • We purchase all costumes for our end of year performances, therefore there is little or no sewing to be done, however additional trims may be required in some instances.
  • A fee of $50.00 in Term 1 & 2 will be charged to allow me to start buying samples.
  • This is non– refundable. Costume costs will range between $55-$60 per costume.
  • The remaining costs will be tallied towards the end of Term 3, and the balance due, prior to you receiving your costumes. Once costumes are fully paid for they are yours to keep.
  • All girls will need their hair in a mid height bun, (unless otherwise specified by your teacher) covered with a bun net & no fringes. Make up requirements are blue eye shadow & red lipstick.
  • Dress rehearsal will be held in the 1st week of December. Dates to be confirmed. 
  • Our performances will be held in the 1st week of December. Dates to be confirmed. 
  • We have a professional photographer who does a photo shoot in full costume that will be held in the dance studio, before dress rehearsal. All students will be able to have their group & individual photos taken.
  • Parents are allowed to watch for the first few weeks of term, so that new students feel comfortable. We then ask that parents remain outside the studio whilst class is in progress for the benefit of all students & teachers as it does become distracting.
  • Our watching week is the fifth week of each term so please feel free to come into class that week.
  • Unfortunately, it is hard for us to monitor the entire goings on before students enter or leave the centre, therefore as parents, we ask that you drop off and pick your children up on time.
  • All students 10 yrs and under will need to be signed in & out . Sheets will be located in the room your child is dancing in.
  • We follow the State Dance Association syllabus & all Jazz , Tap & Classical classes will learn exam work in class.
  • In our opinion the exam syllabus provides a crucial part of learning proper technique and they also give students the opportunity to further develop strength, flexibility & confidence.
  • On passing, all students will receive a certificate and a medal
  • Exams are held once a year, towards the end of Term 2.
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