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Studio One Dance Academy was established in 2000 and currently conducts classes at the Macleod YMCA and is headed by Nadia Ramsay (Principle).

Originally from Perth, Nadia started dancing at the age of 3. Always having passion for dancing she completed her advanced jazz and tap levels (CSTD) and Intermediate levels in ballet (RAD). She then went on to work in the dance performance industry as a professional dancer.

For 8 years her dancing career led her to work in Malaysia, Japan, London and America.

Nadia took over Studio One Dance Academy in 2000, then located in country Victoria, she opened another branch in Macleod in 2005.

She has 20 years teaching experience, ranging from pre-school to advanced children and is passionate about providing a safe and fun environment for children of all ages and levels to learn in.

To make an enquiry please call 0417 327 694.

Our online enrolment form is available using this link 

To find our more about our the State Dance Association, click this link


• Choreographic Competitions
• Exams
• Dance Camps
• End of year concert performances


• Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary and Dance Movement
• Rhythm and Timing 
• Body warm-up exercise 
• Strength and Flexibility
• Relaxation
• Self Discipline
• Self Esteem
• Co-ordination


We follow the State Dance Association syllabus & all Jazz, Tap & Classical classes will learn exam work in class. In our opinion the exam syllabus provides a crucial part of learning proper technique and they also give students the opportunity to further develop strength, flexibility and confidence.

On passing, all students will receive a certificate and a medal. Exams are held once a year, towards the end of Term 2.

For more detailed information please visit our FAQ page.

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